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The EDAMUS Master offers multiple degrees

In accordance with the rules of Erasmus Mundus programmes students must obtain at least two European National degrees according to their mobility track.

There are 3 degree-awarding-institutions in the EDAMUS Consortium:


Name of the degree-awarding-institution
Title of the degree

Université DE Montpellier (UM) (France)


Master en Nutrition et sciences des aliments

(The title of the Master changes from the year 2015/2016 but the content is the same. The title for cohorts graduating before this year is: Spécialité : Nutrition, agrovalorisation, sécurité de l’aliment.)

Universita dedli Studi della Basilicata (UNIBAS) (Italy)


Laurea Magistrale in Gestione Sostenibile della Qualità Alimentare

Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Zaragoza (CIHEAM-IAMz) (Spain)

Master of Science in Sustainable Management of Food Quality

Each degree has an official national recognition in the home country
To obtain a degree from a degree-awarding institution, the student must spend at least one whole semester (30 ECTS) in this institution

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