Success stories


A preparation for inevitable globalization of professional life

altIt is impossible to describe shortly my EDAMUS Master two-years’ experience. I did my Bachelor in Chemistry before and my dream was always to study abroad and live in the South of Europe. However, I never could imagine having a perfect study program where I can travel and study in different European Universities at the same time. My journey started in France with other 17 people from all around the world. Each one of us was a little ambassador representing his country not only in the class but also in the daily life. When someone asked our group in the street or in the restaurant where we are from, we just started to smile and name our countries…
I had possibility to study in France, Spain and Italy and to do my scientific traineeship in Canada. Later, I was accepted to do my internship in DANONE in Food Quality Management. The overall EDAMUS experience has definitely prepared me for inevitable globalization in professional life.

Vaiva LAUCYTE, Lithuania, second cohort (2013-2015)


My “success” Story would definitely be FAO

altMy "success" story of the master's would definitely be FAO. Initially I applied to FAO because it is a reference and it would be a great organization to deepen my knowledge and skills for the internship. I was selected by the Nutrition Education and Consumer Awareness Team due to my simultaneous knowledge in nutrition and sustainability and I was trilled to be able to work on both, it was the perfect fit for my EDAMUS internship. By "luck" my CV arrived at the right time to my supervisor hands who had recently been entrusted with the organization of the Sustainable diets in the context of sustainable food systems workshop and made focal point (FAO Officer responsible for) the 10 years framework sustainable food systems programme (10YFP SFS); an umbrella inter agencies (FAO-UNEP) programme. During my internship I did a stocktaking exercise of the scientific publications regarding sustainable diets since 2000, I organized the findings in a searchable database and did a literature review to analyse the challenges and advantages of sustainable diets. This work was the scientific basis for the organization of the previously mentioned workshop, this is the link: 
The connection between nutrition and sustainability is what really drives my curiosity and work, which was recognized by my supervisor and team that let me work in other projects besides my assignments. On my own initiative I reviewed FAO Food Based Dietary Guidelines FBDG database to check which countries have already included sustainability concerns, I reviewed which were the recommendations already published by FAO regarding sustainable diets summarizing it into a list and included sustainable FBDG in the literature review; in addition I helped my team in the support of Tanzania and Equador inclusion of sustainability in their FBDG. My involvement in the sustainable FBDG work and background was the starting point to write the chapter with the some of my team colleagues. The book is from the same authors as the definition of sustainable diets (2010) and I had the privilege to work with Sandro Dernini during my internship as well. 
Currently I am being recruited to work with the same team, but the process is slow because my supervisor was waiting to hire me as a graduate and since October HR is having some issues. I am applying to the vacancy Food Education and Behavioural Strategies Specialist and I will continue working with sustainable diets and sustainable FBDG, since this is the first pilar of the 10YFP SFS, as well as other projects of nutrition education.

Sara CARVALHO, Portugal, fourth cohort (2015-2017)


A new job and boyfriend!

altWhat does “success” mean? To me, it is when I pat myself on the back and I say “You did it, girl! Be proud of yourself!” In this sense, getting through 2-years of EDAMUS Master has been one of my greatest achievements. 
I should say that the most difficult and stressful part started when I had to find my 6-months internship. Ideas seemed to be never enough and managing this research, following classes and passing exams at the same time it was not so easy. However, I patted myself on the back again when I got the internship at the Chamber of Commerce of Turin and, at the end, my supervisor told me that I became essential for running the office’s activities and they wanted to offer me a full-time job. 
Currently I am being recruited to work in the same office, but it is taking a while due to some administrative stuff. At the same time, I am working as a freelancer dietician and trying to launch an activity with my boyfriend (I met him during EDAMUS :D). 
Cristina GIOVANNINI LUCA, Italy, third cohort (2014-2016)


I didn’t save the world but I saved myself

altI didn’t save the world. Not today. But I saved myself. You would probably wonder, how? I challenged myself outside of my comfort zone. It wasn’t easy though. I was the oldest student in the group and had only a business background, so publishing in a famous journal or doing PhD wasn’t even a consideration. I just wanted to test my ability to survive.  I remember sitting at the organic chemistry course and listening to the professor who spoke in French so fast that I couldn’t even grasp a word to make notes. She was amazing. I could see her lips moving in the slow motion and there was something magical. You know what? She was extremely smart woman. It was like a fresh air to me. Strong, independent and smart women were around me. It was a sweet poison. I came from a different society. To strive as a woman in business is beyond human experience. Anyway, as French would say: “Revenons à nos moutons!”, I will continue narrating my EDAMUS journey. 
I will sound very philosophical now. I have learnt to grow like a plant under stressful conditions i.e. when the rain of opportunities fall on my head. Well, first I made a goal to work in the food and agriculture to promote sustainable development principles and by the time, I was finishing my third semester, I was badass of sustainability! Now, it was crucial to find a place for internship that will support my belief of social, political and economic sustainability. On the other hand, I don’t believe that anything in this world is sustainable and the only thing that we can do is be realistic about our opportunities. 
Once I arrived in Netherlands, I declared to the company where I had internship that they should throw away their conventional beliefs and work with me. I had two options: they would either think I am crazy and kick me out or accept my ideas to improve agricultural sector. 
During the first meeting with the CEO, I said that I protest his ideas, he looked at me with the surprise in his eyes. He asked: “Where did you come from?”. I said that I am EDAMUS student and explained the course of the program. He said: “It is impressive! Let’s see what you can do.” I had to throw my glove to confirm the participation in this fight of minds. I was so happy that in the room full of men, I had a chance to express my point of view, even though sometimes I would sound completely insane while suggesting new ideas. At least, I made people laugh. I grew passionate about the idea that we can make our small contribution. 
With the time I have realized that I don’t want to have impact on the world. It became evident that I want to reduce my impact to the minimum. And I would like to convince people around me at home and in the work environment that the world is not turning around them, but we are turning around it to survive and develop as one of the species present here. It is no longer important to be influential or powerful, it is necessary to face the consequences of one’s decisions.  
I was lucky to meet so many people who became my friends. My sincere and close friends who helped me a lot during these years by providing me shelter, advice and pushing me forward. I am so grateful to have my husband supporting me throughout my masters and encouraging me to go and get what I wanted. The last two years were full of love, sorrows, losses and gains, small and big battles, laughter and the most important, fighting stereotypes and becoming who you really are. 
Zhamila SHARIPOVA, Kazakhstan, fourth cohort (2015-2017)

I had my first Job thanks to my Instagram and blog account!

altI always liked photographing my food, and posted it on my Instagram. During my master, I also decided to create my recipe blog, sharing recipes that I was able to collect during my ERASMUS. I also did my final semester project about “How social media could affect our eating habits” and I really enjoyed working on it! 
After that, I have found my internship to finish my master in sunny Barcelona in Marketing and Communication for a new cereal. I decided to stay a bit longer in this foodie city.alt
I applied for an Internship for a growing food company, as social media assistant. The interviewer told me that my Instagram Accound and Blog were impressive and it made the difference with other candidate and they offered me the position, as a JOB! 
Anna PREVOSTO, France, fourth cohort (2015-2017)

EDAMUS, The Gate To Dream Land

altMy success story started on 15th March, when I received the acceptation from EDAMUS program. I remember I was home alone and I kept jumping on the bed for half an hour. 
Like a dream, I left my injured country to arrive in Europe and to start a new life full of joy, stress, study, traveling and missing beloved people.
I got three European degrees, visited amazing places, more I ever expected to do, and learned that French language was not that difficult after all. 
I ended up in Kassel university, Germany. There I worked alone on developing a new methodology in sensory science, which I haven’t had no idea about before. But hard work and intensive reading was my success factors to finish the thesis and submit it on time. Now I am still in the same departments after I proved myself as a hard worker and team player. I am seeking to continue my PhD once I can find a good scholarship. 
Writing this now brings back to my minds all the emotional moments.
I miss all my dear friends who I travelled with, who supported me when I was weak and followed my advice when I was strong.
Diana ISMAEL, Israel, third cohort (2014-2016)

WE created a new food product

altI am Kimchhin HIN, an EDAMUS student Gisèle Arbib (2015-2017) from Cambodia, graduated from Université de Montpellier, France and University of Basilicata, Italy. I am currently working as Lecturer and Researcher at Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC), Cambodia. In the beginning of my professional career, I have been involved in many research projects. I work in Food product development and I monitor students in a project for creating a new food product, the Pumpkin instant soup. This project aims to transform the agricultural product to food product. The prototype of this product has been produced and brought to the food exhibition. As the positive result, this product interested investors as well as the Cambodian government, and the project is now launched to bring the Pumpkin instant soup on the food market. Lastly, thanks to EDAMUS who has provided me the great opportunity to learn and have connections with many experts from different countries. 
Kimchhin HIN, Cambodia, fourth cohort (2015-2017)

I became a Quality Analyst after my internship

altI did a six months internship at the global company DSM Food Specialties in the Quality Department of the Business Unit Cultures, which manufactures starter bacteria, enzymes and culture medium for the dairy industry. I developed the project 'The role of Quality Assurance within the Customer-Supplier management' where I had the chance to work with different stakeholders and departments of the company such as production, sales and regulatory affairs in order to improve the information flow, update the quality documentation and strengthen the business relationships. Before the end of my internship I proposed to the Quality Manager and Quality Advisors the creation of a new position in order to continue working on the projects started and follow up the links I had already created with our suppliers and I am currently hired as a full time Quality Analyst. I expect to continue supporting the company and learning about quality management so I can improve my career by tackling new challenges in the upcoming years. 
Francisco SANCHEZ ARBELAEZ, Colombia, fourth cohort (2015-2017)

A great moment in my life

It has become a great moment in my life since I was selected by the Erasmus Mundus EDAMUS program. I have been in Gisèle Arbib generation (2015-2017). I chose 4 countries to study during my two master years. 
I spent the first semester in Montpellier (France). It was the first time I came to came to Europe and also the first time so far from my family. My EDAMUS friends became my second family. The independent life taught me a lot. First I could improve my French language through the course in Montpellier University and practice with native French people. Moreover, I learnt to be more independent by managing my life in Europe by my own. Last by not least, I have learned about French culture and food as well.
Second semester, I have chosen to go to Zaragoza (Spain). I do like the life there since the city is quiet, nice and people is very friendly. The course there was new for me. It was a bit hard at the first time but I learnt a lot after having spent one semester there. With not so many differences compared to France, I got acquainted with the Spanish culture and food. Since the courses there were in English, I have improved my English level a lot. I learnt how to work in group with different students from international countries. Furthermore, I discovered the teaching style from US professors.
Third semester, I have studied in Italy. European cultures are not so different but at least they have different special characteristic. I spent the first half of the third semester in Potenza. I loved the courses there since they included a lot of field work and trips. I studied in Bari during the second half. Soil organic was quiet new for me and it is not so close to my engineering degree field. However, I found it very nice to link food engineering with the concept of agriculture since food quality needs to think from farm to fork. 
The last semester I performed a research internship in Porto (Portugal). I was fascinated with my internship topic. Life there was really nice in Porto. I met great supervisors and professor there. I learnt about laboratory practice and methodology analysis. The great success of my research is that my poster was accepted to join the 31st EFFoST International Conference 13-16 November 2017 in Melia Sitges, Sitges, Spain. It has been a successful outcome of my research work efforts during these 2 master years. 
In all, I have got many experiences during this master. I am more mature and independent. Moreover, I have improved my language and communication skill. I trained myself to easy adapt with six months moving to different countries. I met different education systems in four different countries. I have been immersed in European culture and got the opportunity to travel in Europe. In short, these 2 years represent a great experience of my life since Europe treated me so well. I am currently being a lecturer and researcher at Institute of Technology of Cambodia. 
Sengly SROY, Cambodia, fourth cohort (2015-2017)